Woodcot Self Build

Woodcot Self BuildIf you live on this estate then you may recognise the bottom picture but few will recognise the other two. You probably know, with a few exceptions, that your house was originally a 'self-build' and that may be all you know. On this website, we have tried to record how the estate went from the field in the top picture to the estate we all know today in the bottom picture.

Building started in 1968 and was the result of the efforts of nine separate building groups who between them built 190 houses in Woodside, Meadow Walk, Field Close, Brookside, Burnside, Springcroft and Tukes Avenue.

They're not all self-built though. There are nine in Woodside that were commercially built as were all the flats owned by Hanover Housing Association.

Each building group was named after an area of Gosport and their stories and photographs can be accessed from the links on the left and below.

A minority of the original self-builders still live here and we thank all those that have given of their time and made photographs and documents available for scanning.

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